Um pensamento sobre “A profecia de Milton Friedman

  1. “Though I strongly sympathise with the desire to complete
    the economic unification ofWestern Europe by completely freeing
    the flow ofmoney between them, I have grave doubts about
    the desirability ofdoing so by creating a new European currency
    managed by any sort of supra-national authority. Quite apart
    from the extreme unlikelihood that the member countries
    would agree on the policy to be pursued in practice by a
    common monetary authority (and the practical inevitability of
    some countries getting a worse currency than they have now),
    it seems highly unlikely, even in the most favourable circumstances,
    that it would be administered better than the present
    national currencies. Moreover, in many respects a single
    international currency is not better but worse than a national
    currency ifit is not better run. It would leave a country with a
    financially more sophisticated public not even the chance of
    escaping from the consequences of the crude prejudices
    governing the decisions of the others. The advantage of an
    international authority should be mainly to protect a member
    state from the harmful measures of others, not to force it to
    join in their follies.”

    F. Hayek (1974, pag. 24) em “Denationalisation
    of Money”

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